The Frock Box In-House Brand

Hi friend,

Almost 8 years ago, Frock Box began in my basement. The dream was to deliver outfits to your doorstep, picked just for you without ever having to visit the mall. As a new Mom of two girls, I really just wanted to deliver joy all wrapped up in a pretty package. Those days can be long and something as small as a delivery just for you, can turn your day around.

We quickly realized that our customers felt like they 'didn't know their style' and needed that personal style element which has since grown. We ship thousands of boxes every month, style women age 13-88, have a Boutique in St.Albert and now our in-house brand, Miller the Label.

Miller was created for the women who felt like they wanted more Frock Box. They were asking to shop items on our feed or didn't feel like they needed the style help monthly with our boxes yet still wanted to shop with us. Miller and Frock Box are, as I like to call, my third baby. Miller is a small collection of some of our favourite pieces available to shop online.

My dream is that Miller brings your Pinterest board to life. I hope to one day go sizeless - those tags mean nothing and only cause us mental and emotional harm. Pick clothes that you love, try them on, ensure they fit well, and wear them proudly everyday.